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This bold artwork features Eshu Elegbara, The god of crossroads in one of many deities from other worlds, who are the guardians of ancient knowledge and mystical wisdom.

Crossroads symbolize the point of decision and creation, that moment of deep contemplation. But not only that, the seam between the realm of men and and that of the gods occurs where two roads converge.

Therefore, the god of crossroads inspires personal reflection. Download this artwork and use it to inspire self-exploration.

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Eshu Elegbara the Game

Eshu Elegbara is the god of crossroads, the gatekeeper between the realm of men and that of the gods. He knows all languages and is fluent in cosmic. If you need a favor from the gods, Eshu is your deity.

But he is also unreliable and loves to cause mayhem. He is full of riddles. Each question you ask him receives four answers. For every gateway that closes behind you, four portals open in front of you. Such are the ways of Eshu.

Will you make it past Eshu’s mischief, or are you doomed to ride on the bus of no destination for all of eternity? Play the game and find out.

This game was made possible with the support of the Ontario Arts Council of Canada.

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