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Hi, Artistrophe here!

That’s Artistrophe, as in “catastrophe”, but with ARTitude.

Also known as Milumbe Haimbe, I am an artist and a storyteller who is into black fantasy, science fiction and horror.

I was born in Zambia, in the southern region of Africa, where I grew up on farmlands on the outskirts of the capital city, Lusaka. Most of my childhood days were spent roaming the savannah plains where I encountered endless adventures that nurtured the storyteller in me.

The many adventures from my childhood show up in my explorations of black fantasy, science fiction and horror. Skilled in drawing, illustration and digital art, my artwork is mostly figurative. It is bold, bursting with a wide spectrum of vivid colours, that is grounded by strong, distinct linework.

My aesthetics are illustrative and fanciful, somewhat quirky, while suggesting a sense of foreboding. My storytelling draws inspiration from the folklore of my motherland. But most importantly, these elements mainly feature black characters within the context of fantasy, science fiction and horror. You can depend on me to explore alternative stories that you do not get to see much of in mainstream media.

Here’s a fun fact, my favourite African proverb goes something like this:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Roll with me.

Forged in Fire and Ice.

Forged in Fire and Ice

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