I was surprised to learn that many people have dreams about spaceships. The meaning of these kinds of dreams are different depending on the context, and there can be a variety of different interpretations to consider.   


Experts agree that spaceships are generally associated with travel and change. Dreams about spaceships may represent spiritual journeys or mysteries of the unknown. Often, they symbolize a desire for adventure.

If, for example, you dream of soaring through the universe in a spaceship it could mean that you are feeling adventurous and ready to explore new horizons in your life. It is possible that this symbolizes an internal desire for change or growth. And if there were other symbols in the dream such as people and places, these may be clues for understanding what you are subconsciously trying to confront within yourself.

Alternatively, dreams about spaceships may symbolize a desire to escape. You may have a subconscious need to leave your current situation behind and start over somewhere else. Dream experts claim that the circumstances and details depicted in your dream can be of great significance. What type of spaceship were you flying in? Was it a gigantic mothership, a military galactic ship, or a tiny one-man pod? What was your spaceship doing in your dream? Was it landing or crashing? If it was crashing, this may signify fear or frustration over a problem in your life.   

I am curious about the meaning of dreams about spaceships because of a weird dream I once had. This was a while back, but it’s one of those things I recall from time to time.


The stars in the domed sky shimmered like jewels as I hurried down a red dirt road, on my way to my 10-year Class Reunion. Although I’d tracked down and kept in touch with many of my classmates from university through social media, I anticipated that the reunion would be somewhat awkward as the last time I saw most of them in person was at our graduation ceremony 10 years earlier.

I peddled faster. My trusty iron steed carried me down the red dirt road swiftly. This bicycle was special. I had bought it myself back in 10th grade. It had taken an entire year to save up for it. I was worried that my bicycle would be covered in red dust by the time I got to the venue where the reunion gala was taking place.

But that was not the only thing that troubled me. From the looks of their social media feeds, it seemed that my classmates had done well for themselves in the years following our graduation. They had followed career paths that had rewarded them with wealth, big houses, high-powered jobs, and happy families. And where was I? Still living at my mom’s house and riding to the reunion on my childhood bike.

I slowed down to a stop as soon as the spotlights highlighting the fancy reunion venue came into view. I was already dazzled. I imagined the big, luxurious vehicles my classmates would roll up in. I got off my bike and began to wipe the dust off it with my sleeve. Anything to save face. It was then I heard loud, swooshing sounds permeate the silent night. Beams of bright light throbbed overhead. I looked up and saw that the sky was swarming with spaceships.

One of the spaceships swooped down and landed on the driveway. Stupefied, I watched as the spaceship door rolled open, expecting this to be an encounter with an extra-terrestrial being from an advanced civilization. To my utter horror, Chad Manase, from my Building Economics class in third year, strutted out of the spaceship. He looked sharp in his velvet tuxedo. One by one the other spaceships landed. And one by one my classmates walked out of the spaceships and onto the driveway, exclaiming in delight at the sight of each other after so many years; all of them looking glamorous and out of this world.

Thank God it was all a dream!


But why do we dream though? There are many different theories about dreams and the purpose of dreaming. According to some scientists, dreams are a way for the brain to process information and sort through memories from the day. They may be a way for the mind to confront difficulties and explore emotions. Another school of thought believes that dreams, characterized by images, thoughts, and emotions that occur during sleep, are a way for the subconscious to communicate with the conscious mind. They could also be a mechanism for us to explore different aspects of our personalities or anticipate future scenarios.

“Dreams are thought to be the brain’s way of working out our emotional problems, and the more anxious we become, the more vivid the dream images become,” says Dr. Russell Foster, a circadian neurologist at the University of Oxford.


This makes a whole lot of sense, considering that I had the spaceship dream during a period in my life when I was anxious about never realizing my full potential. I felt that I had not lived up to expectations, and feared I was running out of time to fulfill these expectations. In contrast, my peers had arrived. In my judgement their achievements were nothing less than stellar in comparison to mine. No wonder why in my dream I rode a bicycle to the 10-year Class Reunion, while my friends arrived in spaceships.

I don’t even remember what happened after those spaceships landed. Don’t remember whether I shuffled over to the gala with my head bowed or turned on my heels and bolted out of there like I had just seen aliens.

If you’ve ever had dreams about spaceships, tell me about it. Drop me an email at artistrophe@artistrophe.com

In fact, just tell me about your weird dreams, spaceships involved or not.

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Feature Image: Spaceship Dream by Artistrophe – Powered by AI-Generated Art

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